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A Victory for Irwindale and Huy Fong Foods
by Marlene Carney on August 10th, 2014

Congratulations to the Irwindale City Council and Huy Fong Foods in their successful resolution of a recent issue that received quite a bit of media attention.  The Irwindale Chamber values the presence of Huy Fong Foods in this community and appreciates the fabulous product they produce and the important role they play in building the region’s local economy.  We want them to continue to operate in Irwindale and to continue to grow and prosper.    We look forward to assisting them as they look to expand in the future. 
In my role at the Irwindale Chamber, I have had the opportunity to meet with many businesses and to get to know many of the fine leaders and individuals who work tirelessly each day to make Irwindale the fine city that it is.  Approximately 60,000 plus people drive into Irwindale each day to work.   Here are some of the reasons why Irwindale continues to be a major business center and great place to do business:

Irwindale is near excellent transportation facilities, highly respected educational institutions, a wide range of cultural activities and many recreational and entertainment opportunities.  Irwindale enjoys a superior location in the heart of the East San Gabriel Valley.  With four major freeways at our borders, Irwindale has convenient access to all markets in Southern California.Irwindale has a variety of healthcare options, from specialists to general health.  Hospitals and medical groups that serve Irwindale include Citrus Valley Health Partners, Kaiser Permanente, and City of Hope.Education is a big priority in the Irwindale community.  Residents have access to public schools, private schools and a number of colleges and universities closely surround the city.  Four top public school districts serve K-12 students in the Irwindale region: Covina Valley Unified, Azusa Unified, Duarte Unified and Baldwin Park Unified. The Irwindale Educational Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization originating in 1987 is dedicated to the betterment of the youth through its scholarship program.  This program benefits the residential community but also the businesses that are located in Irwindale and who are members of the Irwindale Chamber.Irwindale is the location for Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Energy Education Center, which is “a source of energy efficiency information for business owners and operators, architects and designers, operations and facility managers, contractors, engineers or anyone wanting to learn about the latest in state-of-the-art technology for saving energy, money and the environment. “Irwindale is home to a diverse cross-section of businesses including MillerCoors, Davis Wire, Vulcan Materials, United Rock, Hanson Aggregates, Ready Pac Produce,  California Custom Fruits and Flavors, Breeders Choice, City of Hope,  Charter Communications, Huy Fong Foods, Ayutla Market, Picasso’s Café and Bakery, Nellson Nutraceutical, just to name a few.   A population of small to medium sized businesses continues to grow featuring restaurants, professional services, light manufacturing, high tech industries, financial institutions and more.Both the city and the Irwindale Chamber are dedicated to providing assistance and resources to help businesses succeed and prosper.  The Chamber is also dedicated to promoting the community and its vibrant and prosperous quality of life. As the President/CEO of the Irwindale Chamber, I am thrilled that Huy Fong Foods, the city of Irwindale and the local resident community are working together to build jobs and a strong local economy.  The rest of the world should know that Irwindale is a vibrant and positive place to do business and perhaps it is because, in this city, we recognize that a prosperous and vibrant city can only be accomplished when business, residents and government work collaboratively so that the end product is a prosperous and thriving community that works for everyone.  

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